Since the late '80s the dueling piano format has been wildly successful all over the US and beyond. It succeeds because it is a unique form of live entertainment that directly engages the crowd with music and comedy, unlike any other band or comedian.

We will help you turn your existing nightclub into a dueling piano club or work with you from inception to build a new dueling piano bar. We have the expertise to help you set up your stage with the proper equipment, and help design the seating to make the most out of your space. We can show you how to avoid well-intentioned but fatal mistakes, so that your business succeeds from the very start.


Currently throughout the U.S. there are more dueling piano clubs than there are qualified dueling piano players to work them. We will book your entertainment for you on a weekly basis, assuring you of the best talent for your money. There are many pianists that misrepresent themselves, calling themselves Duelers when most of their work is solo or with a band. We have personally performed with hundreds of dueling pianists and know exactly who the good guys are which of them will be the best fit for your club.


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